The Goldens

Occupation  The Fitness Pro
Health and fitness ambitions  Live with a work, life, balance
Favourite Bam flavour  James is a banana man all day and Sophie is a chocolate lover naturally so easy answer

"Our ambition is to live with a work, life, balance and maintain good health to ensure we can experience life to the fullest."

A little about you: Your business, career or sporting profile:

James Golden – I am a family man and have an amazing partnership in life with my wife Sophie and our 3 children (soon to be 4).  In the world of fitness, I have the tag ‘The Fitness Pro’ and have developed a passion for sport at an early age and realised during my days at school that my enthusiasm for health and fitness would be my future career.  I graduated from Bucks University with a sports science degree which led me into completing a diploma in personal training with the YMCA creating the pathway to a career in the fitness industry.

Having now spent over 15 years in health and fitness working with a range of clients, I have seen a range of fads come and go along with social media diluting the industry with do’s and don’ts.  I am co-founder of ‘YOLO Retreats’ which provides programmes for individuals and families to make small steps to effective lifestyle changes, covering everything from state of mind to educating on nutrition.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the industries most esteemed professionals, have consulted for the government on fitness and owned a fitness club for 8 years. Furthermore, I have been a trusted source as a keynote speaker at various shows and have featured on BBC Radio covering the latest trends, news and facts in the world of health and fitness.  In 2018, I became the fitness consultant to the prestigious Bamford Haybarn Spa at the Daylesford Farm where I have my own private studio.

I am a keen sports enthusiast and take pride in my own personal fitness regime on a daily basis. I adopt a practice that you must ‘practice what you preach’ and ‘one size doesn’t fit all’

Sophie Golden – Prior to becoming a mum in 2013, I had studied in fashion and visual merchandising which lead me into a career in fashion and retail with brands such as All Saints and French Connection.  I also spent 2 years in restaurant management within a Michelin star restaurant before our first daughter Ava arrived.  I then took up an operational role within the fitness company, James was building to support the operation and provided support to James as the company had built up to over 10 staff.  We then formed our working partnership and I subsequently developed an interest in the fitness industry as a result.

Since we parted company with the business in 2017,  I set up a blog called ‘Goldens at Home’ which covers the topics of fashion, health and parenting which are the 3 areas of interest for me.  This is also coinciding with us moving to the Cotswolds to achieve the work, life, balance we wanted for us as a family.   James and I are still involved in a business and are shareholdings in a retreat company called ‘YOLO retreats’ which is a hobby for us both alongside what we both do day to day.

Career ambitions:

We both have a huge passion in health and fitness alongside our family.  Our ambition is to live with a work, life, balance and maintain good health to ensure we can experience life to the fullest.  We left a business behind to build a life in the Cotswolds and work on projects which we are both passionate about.

Health and fitness ambitions:

James is a big goal setter and will always explore new challenges which are both physical and mental.  James knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle having experienced a cancer diagnosis at the age of 26 when at his physical peak competing in triathlons and various physical pursuits.  His own personal mantra is to the best you can be and challenge yourself to achieve what you didn’t think was possible.  In a nutshell, to stay focused on remaining fit and healthy which the children aspire to.  They carry my sporting dreams now.

Sophie has a big passion for healthy food and around supporting the requirements of the children, Sophie still focuses on her own physical wellbeing and even attends a Yoga class with Ava, the eldest daughter most Saturdays.  Both of us are very passionate about educating the children on health and wellbeing and support them to be the best they can be to excel in life.  Health and wellbeing which includes food choices is something we take very seriously and aim to provide the necessary guidance for the children to understand the importance.

An interesting and little-known fact about you.

James – I once appeared on the programme celebrity embarrassing bodies.  As the fitness consultant who was working with a celebrity client who had a sensitive issue.  I was not the person featuring, I have to add.

Sophie – I can put both my feet behind my head and do the splits three ways…. How ever being pregnant with baby number 4 at the moment has most definitely put that on hold!!


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