Sara da Silva

About Sara  Sportswear Entrepreneur and Athlete
Health and Fitness Ambition  Get ever stronger in body and mind through Zuu Fitness
Career Ambition  Known for creating the best leggings for style and fit
Favourite Bam Organic  25G High Protein – Vanilla

"Winning the title of NIFMA, miss bikini/toned overall in Ireland. What a moment!"

Sara was tired of the way she looked and felt about herself and desperately wanted to make a change. Sara didn’t just wish to shed a few pounds or drop a couple of sizes, but challenged herself to achieve a real and lasting transformation. In training to become an Athlete and compete in Bikini Competitions, Sara changed her destiny. She realised her dream in 2013, winning her first prestigious competition title ‘Miss Bikini/Toned’ at NIFMA  in Ireland. What a moment!

When asked  how she stays dedicated to her goal, and what drives her to continually work out and be healthy; Sara’s answer is always the same: An infectious enthusiasm and unrelenting drive to develop her brand ‘Sara da Silva’ Activewear into becoming a leading force in health and wellbeing.

Sara says “You have to be completely honest with yourself if you are unhappy with the way you appear because it will eventually affect the way you feel!” Sara has no doubt that the way we feel can define and change everything that we do.

Sara’s business vision

Creating a pair of leggings that look good on any woman and can change the way she feels is the ambition. Sara believes that by wearing her line you will feel motivated and discover a new-found confidence, determination and healthy living will lead you to happiness. Sara’s dream is to change the world, one pair of leggings at a time!

“I am dedicated to creating a fitness line that is stylish and functional and is made with the highest quality materials. Our unique patterns make women feel amazing about how they look.” Sara notes.

Ambition fuelled by confidence

Sara’s goal is to be recognised as the producer of the best leggings that you can ever wear; with the best fit and best style. For me, the sky is the limit … when I was young, I didn’t imagine that one day I would live in the UK and here I am. Now I feel excited the same for my brand – It was born in the UK and one day it will be seen all around the world.”

Health and fitness ambitions:

Having recently joined a @Zuu Fitness class, Sara has discovered something completely different to the usual. Sara says “ZUU Culture is so powerful because it’s based on ZUU philosophy which addresses the basic needs of human health and wellness, besides fitness ­– those of belonging and being supported. Four months in and I have a much stronger body and mind! Last month I took part of ZUU Bronze course, that is the first level certification course that allows me to learn more about all ZUU. This will mean that in future I’ll be able to share with others what I have learned.

My ambitious is to inspire other women through my work rate. To show people that behaviour matters and if you put in the work you will see the right results. I want people to look at what I do and feel motivated to start their own journey! I’m still creating my own story and have lots to achieve. As I always say, ‘I’m not where I want to be yet’ but I’m delighted that I’m not where I’m used to be.”

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