Phil Beastall

About Phil  Commercial Film Maker and Distance Runner
Incredible Achievement  ‘Love is a gift’ has been enjoyed by millions
Choice of Bam Organic  Chocolate… No question!
You didn't know this about Phil  He plays the drums

"'Love is a Gift’ going viral has been an incredible experience."

A commercial and corporate Video Producer / Director, Phil recently made the headlines with his short Christmas story ‘Love is a Gift’ which went viral and was watched around the globe by millions, out-viewing pound for pound the big payers such as John Lewis, many times over! This has given Phil a career surge into new realms. Phil is also a little obsessed with running having been into sport from an early age.

Life on the road

Phil has achieved a personal best of 30:03 for a 10Kms run. Although Phil says: “Being four seconds off 29:59 comes with its own frustration!”.

In the frame

Phil is pursuing his ambition to continue to create ever more successful cinematic short stories that resonate with people. He’s already set the bar high in all aspects of his commercial and personal life.

Health and fitness ambitions

Phil is keen to push his body to its limits and see what he’s capable of before he reaches an age where it’s no longer possible. We imagine that to be some considerable time into the future. Go for it Phil…

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