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About Peter  Mental Health Advocate and Runner
Health & Fitness Ambition  More of the same please
Favourite Bam Organic  Bam Organic Banana

"Being nominated for a Pride of Britain Award has got to be up there!"

Peter started running in 2017 to battle anxiety and depression that had begun in his early teens. He now regularly participates in races up to 100Kms in distance and has written about his adventures, promoting the mental health benefits of running and exercise. Peter has raised significant charitable funds during his escapades for which he has been recognised with a Pride of Britain Award nomination. Peter’s exceptional runs include running 111 miles from Llanberis in Wales to Kidderminster in Worcestershire.


Peter has some pretty exciting plans in the pipeline this year including a 200kms race through the jungles of Panama, participating in the very first Rat Race Panama – Coast to Coast. Here at Bam Organic we can only take our hats off to Peter and keep him supplied with our All Natural 25G High Protein Shakes!


On one occasion Peter did take part in the Great Willy Waddle at Queen Elizabeth Park dressed as an inflatable willy to raise funds and awareness in the battle against penile, prostate and testicular cancer, not to mention a few eyebrows and some giggles. On this occasion the team raised upwards of £25,000 on behalf of Orchid Cancer Appeal!


Peter is quite adventurous when it comes to food – He loves to cook and to try new things with a healthy focus for a balanced diet. He tells us he loves a Bam Organic post exercise to fuel recovery! Who can blame him.

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