Katie Bradley

Occupation  Football Player
ambition  To play for Manchester City first team
Favourite Bam Organic shake  25G High Protein Vanilla when mixed with porridge oats

"I started playing football at age 4 and now I play for Manchester City Dev Squad"

A little about you: Your business, career or sporting profile:

I started playing football when I was 4 years old and have been playing academy football since I was 8, I am now 17. I currently play for Manchester City Development Squad and have been on the first team tour which is where I made my debut. I also play for England WU18’s. I have been to the euros with England WU17’s last season which took place in Lithuania.

Career ambitions:

I aspire to play for Manchester City first team full time playing regular football in the women’s super league, and playing regularly with England lionesses. Playing for club and country is an honour.

Health and fitness ambitions:

To be a professional athlete with very good fitness levels and a very lean body composition to help me excel in my sport and I would help this by carrying on to drink bam products because they don’t have any unnecessary sugars and carbs in unlike most protein and milk based drinks.

An interesting and little-known fact about you:

I have been an advanced skier from the age of 4 and have skied in Canada, America and have skied the Swiss Wall and La Face.

Favourite Bam flavour:

Chocolate and vanilla are the only ones I’ve tried and I love them, especially the vanilla protein one when I mix it into porridge oats! I haven’t tried the rest but would love to try them and promote over social media and around me locally.


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