Joe Marler

Name:  Joe Marler
Occupation:  Harlequins and England Rugby Powerhouse
Bam Ambassador since:  September 2017
Favourite Bam drink:  Bam Organic Banana

“Everything came together and we began to perform”

We caught up with our England Rugby hero and Bam Ambassador Joe Marler and asked him about his incredible career in Rugby and more.

In the beginning

“I started at age eleven at Eastbourne Rugby Club in Sussex. I didn’t much like exercise but thought what better way to get into shape than by playing rugby! I loved it. At sixteen I was offered a professional academy contract by Harlequins and I haven’t looked back since.

Career highlights

Quins had for some time been written off as a soft team, incapable of winning a cup, but then everything came together and we began to perform on an upward curve eventually winning the premiership! I made some great mates in that team who I am still in touch with today.

A huge triumph was winning the Grand Slam in 2016 with England. To go from the super lows of the World Cup campaign to winning a Grand Slam within six months was an indescribable feeling!

disciplined approach

Discipline comes in lots of forms. It’s driven by the way the game is now: how professional it is. You need to have that discipline in several aspects of it – training in the gym, on the field, your tactical stuff and technical training. A huge emphasis is put on how quickly we can recover so that we can train again. It’s very different than twenty years ago.

After 80 minutes of rugby I feel like I have been hit by a car for the next two days. So for someone that likes a regular Chinese take-away, getting the right nutrition is a real challenge. I have to take this seriously in order to help maximise recovery as well as to maximise my gains in the gym.

milk as medicine

I broke my leg just before the New Year 2016. I didn’t realise until a week later when I tried warming up for a game and noticed I couldn’t run on it. It was pretty sore. They pulled me from the game and sent me to get an X-ray! It turned out I had a compound fracture and this meant I was going to probably be out of the game for eight weeks.

We were about to start the 6 Nations with England so I was absolutely gutted. I needed to get back soon or I’d not be involved at all. I suggested to the nutritionist that I just drink some milk and he laughed at me! I was taught growing up to drink milk if I wanted to get strong bones and strong teeth so I thought it can’t do any harm. I then religiously consumed two pints of delicious whole milk a day. The physio of course helped loads, but I put my quick recovery down to milk.

the value of great nutrition

A lot of ‘health and nutrition’ drinks have a lot of unnatural stuff in them and you have to look closely at the labels: E numbers, additives and everything that you don’t want! Many brands are using extra sugars and stuff like that, and you guys have shown you don’t need to. I take this extremely seriously because I need to know what I am putting in my body. From a legal and anti-doping point of view, but also to look at what is going into my diet; what’s affecting my mood and so on. The more natural the ingredients that come from the World we live in the better.

Now I go straight to my Bam Organic Milk Drinks for recovery. For me it’s always recovery. A lot of the pre-training stuff I use is caffeine based, or stuff to get me focused for the sessions. The Bam Vanilla Protein Milk goes in with my fruit shake and I add extra protein powder to drive my recovery. I choose Organic Bam because it contains only four natural ingredients and is Informed Sports Accredited.

My team mates are mad for it. The boys love the simplicity. It’s just milk, and honey with either cocoa, banana or vanilla. ‘Brilliant’.

looking to the future

Having just been inspired by watching ‘The Greatest Showman’ at the cinema starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Effron, I can’t wait to be part of our own ‘great show’, whatever comes next!”

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Meet England Rugby Hero and Bam Ambassador Joe Marler


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