Ashley ‘Treasure’ Theophane

Name  Ashley 'Treasure' Theophane
Occupation  Light Welterweight British Champion Boxer
Bam Ambassador since:  April 2018
Favourite Bam Drink  Bam Organic Vanilla Protein

"I was so proud to become british champion"

We met British Champion boxer Ashley Theophane at Allstars Boxing Gym, a converted church with a stage and minstrals’ gallery, in Ladbroke Grove. The walls here are adorned with pictures of legends of the sport. Ashely had run across London to meet with us before the rest of the world had woken up to the day, to tell us about his incredible journey and his hopes and aspirations for the future.

We’re like a family

“I came here to the Allstars Boxing Club twenty-nine years ago to watch my Dad. My mum didn’t want me to box, but I loved it and eventually she gave in. This is where I feel most at home and I always like to come back here. The Allstars Boxing Club has been here for thirty-five years and everyone is welcome; We’re like a family.

Proud moment

Becoming British Champion in February 2011 at London’s Wembley Arena fighting Lenny Daws. It was a big thing for me and a very proud moment. Lenny was a hero of mine both during our amateur careers and as professionals. I then went to the US and joined Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team for the next five years. I had ten fights in the US, but I’m back now because I want to fight over here again. I like living in Vegas, but this is home here with my family. I have had an offer to fight once again stateside in the autumn, so who knows what the future holds.

Stand out and get noticed

Hard work is always the number one piece of advice I would give to young boxers. Training hard is one thing, but you also have to stand out and be noticed. Have a ‘never-say-die’ attitude. There will be times when people will say ‘you can’t do this’ and you have to dig deep and stay strong and believe in yourself. In those moments when you think it might never happen, don’t be down on yourself, you have to pick yourself up and come back stronger. All top sports stars have to come back at some point.

Running up mountains

I train hard three times a day for four to five hours, five days a week. This gives me recovery time between sessions. I run and box and lift weights. Because I fight ten to twelve rounds in quick bursts I need a mix of stamina and strength. When I’m in Vegas we run up Mount Charleston, which at 3,600m is great high-altitude training.

Fight preparation

My fighting weight is about ten stone and I’m currently twelve, so I will have to lose two stone over a couple of months in the run up to a fight. At these times I have to watch everything I eat. I love my Mum’s Caribbean cooking but she doesn’t do small plates! I have to eat healthy and Bam Organic is great because it’s low in fat and high in protein. And this way I can make the lower target weight.

Beyond Boxing

I’ve realised some of my dreams and now I believe I should give back. The man who founded Allstars Boxing Gym, gave me an opportunity. His name is Isola Akay MBE and he’s my role model. I hope I can inspire the next generation. I recently noticed a young man working out in the gym in Vegas wearing the same kit every day. I gave him a weeks-worth of TMT kit which he put straight on. He then explained that he was homeless and what I had given him had a big impact. The smallest gesture can make a big difference and provide hope to others.

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