Workout with Bam Organic – V1.0 Tabata Battleropes

Workout with Bam Organic – V1.0 Tabata Battleropes

June 17, 2019

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Here is V1.0, our very own PT James showcases Tabata battlerope techniques for a cardio workout.


It’s easy to get stuck in a routine at the gym with the same old routines. – Same equipment. Same reps.  If this is the case Battleropes could be the answer to change it up.

Battleropes are fun, right from the get-go! But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a game. When done correctly Battleropes deliver an intense ‘whole body’ workout for people of all levels of fitness, targeting every major muscle group with just one simple item of equipement. A battle rope is one of the few pieces of equipment that targets almost every major muscle group. You get a whole-body workout with a single item.

Here James Golden our PT showcases a couple of approaches starting with Waves – The basic exercise. You will mostly be working the upper body however you will be also working your legs, hips and core, maintaining a good stance.

You can add lunges or jumps to increase leg workout intensity and another effect of the ropes is improved balance, timing and coordination. Battleropes can help to eliminate imbalance. In some exercises you may favour one side of your body and this will help to reduce that dominance. The rope forces you to work both sides independently.

Battleropes are in fact a single rope loosely wrapped around a pole or even a tree in your garden! You can easily increase resistance and work rate intensity by standing nearer to the anchor point of the rope. Therefore, you can adjust intensity for interval training worked into a Tabata approach, described by James.

Muscle mass is all well and good, but a healthy heart drives your whole body and Battleropes will help you strengthen your cardio abilities and improve endurance. The good news here is that Battleropes are a low impact cardio exercise, unlike say running or jogging, removing impact stress on knees, hips and other joints.




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