Same Bam Organic Vanilla Protein Power – new outer skin

Same Bam Organic Vanilla Protein Power – new outer skin

May 3, 2019

Earlier this year we launched our new Banoffee 25G high-protein shakes to join the line-up, alongside our Vanilla 25G high-protein. Now Vanilla is shipping in a brand new sleek glossy silver carton. We hope you’ll agree it looks as spectacular as it tastes. Of course, all Bam Organic cartons are not only recyclable, they are made from FSC certified raw material*. We declined the option of single-use plastic bottles in favour of a more conscientious approach.

Our Vanilla 25G High-Protein shakes are now available as a six-pack as well as a 12-pack and you can currently take advantage of our special ‘FREE cool bag’ offer with a starter pack which includes Vanilla. To buy now click here.

*Tetra Pak leads the world in good packaging. Our whole pack is 100% recyclable and made with nearly 70% renewable material, the majority of which is paperboard. Our outer boxes are also made from sustainable fully recyclable box board. Tetra Pak paperboard manufacture uses minimal fossil fuels and energy, creating a very small carbon footprint with massive waste reduction.


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