Stepping Up a Gear: Bike Radar’s Review

Stepping Up a Gear: Bike Radar’s Review

July 13, 2017

We really enjoyed this honest review of Bam from Bike Radar!

“Cutting to the chase, if you’re looking for the most technical recovery drink out there, this is never going to be it.

But if you want a quick and easyway to replenish some protein and carbohydrates during or after exercise, Bam’s All Natural Milk may well offer plenty of benefits.

While it may not dominate in nutritional content, it’s tastier than many others out there, so we found ourselves far more likely to drink it.”


For the full review check out the link below:

If you’re a bike fanatic then you should check out the rest of their website. They provide intelligent insight into the world of biking as well as letting you know about all the new biking products and trends!




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