We Are Bam

We Are Bam

August 26, 2016

For those unfamiliar with who Bam Organic are and what we do, we’re the brand new on-the-go drinks brand free from all the usual rubbish! With no artificial colours, preservatives OR refined sugar, Bam allows you, as a health-conscious individual to make healthy life choices!

In the very beginning

What started as a simple enough idea on a European road trip has since become an obsession. As we whirred up Alpine mountain passes between small fields grazed by beautiful cows we thought ‘what if we could make a delicious ‘all natural’ milk drink without using refined sugar, artificial preservatives and colourings and serve it in a container that didn’t look like a domestic cleaning product.’

The article by ‘Food and Bev’ covers this beautifully, but essentially bam is a drink fit for most occasions.

Picture this: You wake up, the sun is shining, so getting ready for work takes just that little bit longer. By the time you reach the kitchen, you only have minutes to spare until you need to leave the house. So, instead of settling for some ‘not-quite toasted’ toast or a bowl of bran flakes that you have to inhale rather than eat, you head to the fridge. And there, in all of its glory is an ice cold Bam looking straight at you. Easy to take on-the-go and the perfect way to quench your hunger.

Bam is ideal for those leading an active lifestyle who are conscious about what they are putting into their body. Unlike other milkshakes, our sweetness comes from nature and leaves you feeling indulged and satisfied without the guilt. Bam is an all occasions drink and has you hooked from your first sip, trying to find a time not to have one becomes a more difficult task.

What’s so great about Bam?

Bam is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle (stay with me…).

We advocate the idea that in order to get the best from something, you need to remove everything that’s unnecessary, or the ‘junk’ as we like to call it. Not only can you do this in what you consume through food and drink but in your life as a whole. Take a stand and remove the junk that stops you from reaching your potential.

We drink real milk and always use real talk, if something isn’t right CHANGE IT, let’s kick start everyday with the intention of staying real and removing anything that resembles junk.

Every time you pick up a bam you should feel like you’re at step toward achieving this, hence why Bam is a lifestyle, not just a drink.

Sold- Where can I get it?

At the moment the best place to get your daily dose of Bam is through Amazon – order a pack of 12 and be set for two weeks (if you can make it last that long). Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for when we hit the shops.


The Bamfam.


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